Friday, November 4, 2011

Process of my Nutcracker Poster

This is a poster I made of one of my favorite childhood stories. I scanned my process along the way so I thought I would share it with you all! It was an experiment for me!

First I did some finalized drawings after figuring out my general idea. I wanted to include the Sugar Plum Fairy with food objects to represent each of the dances in the Land of the Sweets.
I decided on the second drawing so I fully inked it.

I then scanned it into photoshop and figured out my colors and text. I was required to use limited color.

Then I finalized the composition in photoshop and printed it out. 

I spray paint my large board purple and transfer the drawing onto it. I seal the spray paint with matte medium and then start to lay in the white paint and ink

I continue to paint in the color in acrylic and carefully paint in the text.

I remove the tape and it reveals the lace doiley background I messed up on earlier! 

Crop the image on photoshop and adjust the colors! I'm planning on making cards of these to sell at the school's holiday sale and give them away as gifts!